About Me

I have a worm in me which pricks me to work relentlessly, makes me curious about different stuffs, helps me come up with ingenious and intuitive ideas.

I was inquisitive to know how things work on internet, how designs are created, how websites and apps are built, and all this drew me into the programming world. I started programming at the budding age of 12 and I started loving it. I stepped my foot from basic programming languages to Website development languages and slowly moved on to App Development .I remember, how complacent I felt when I published my first website on internet at the age of 14. Gradually I am advancing with the technology by getting my hands on Robotics, Machine Learning, etc.. These websites and apps which I bring in, act as my milestones motivating me to take on the much awaited journey ahead...

Work Experience


Interned at World Peace Foundation

An international non-sectarian, non-partisan, nonprofit organization, guided by the vision of One Family under God.This internship gave me a chance to enhance my skill of communication, management, event organizaton and much more.


Interned at Cdit Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

This is an IT company that deals in software, website & app development.Interning at this company deepened my interest in the field of website development and exposed me to to different programming languages like CSS, Bootstrap, C#, etc..


Interned at Techprolabz

A well-known company in the field of Robotics, known for its product development and education in STEM & Robotics.I got hands-on experience of coding in Arduino & usage of robotic equipments like sensors, control boards etc.


Class 11(currently)-12

Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram, Delhi

The school is filled up with a lot new things to explore, learn and work on it and gives endless oppurtunities to develop intense passsion in the chosen field.

Class 5-10

Delhi Public School, Bokaro

The school which gave me an insight of the world; the way to deal with things in life; made me more ambitious and inculcated in me a worm to learn, think and create.

Class Nursery-4

St. Paul's School, Darjeeling

Admitted to this boarding school at the age of four; the school made me self-reliant and wanderlust and from then it was never a nightmare to live without my parents.


.NET 80%
C# 70%
Android & IOS Development 40%
JAVA 80%
HTML5 70%
Content Writing 60%

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